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Frequent Questions

What is factoring?

Factoring is a financial tool, which allows companies to convert their accounts receivable into cash, expediting the entry of funds without compromising their financial statements.

What are the benefits of factoring?

• Immediate liquidity.
• Change accounts receivable box.
• Helps Increase sales volume.
• There is no debt.
• It does not Affect the credit bureau.
• The document to negotiate is the guarantee of trading.

How long do I get funding?

Once Assigned quota, operations are processed and funds are disbursed in maximum 48 hours.

A few years ago I had a problem with a bank and I still appear in the credit bureau with a bad rating, can I apply to work with you?

We would need to understand what happened. If the problem was solved, there should be no problem qualifying the line.

How long does the evaluation process take to approve a factoring line?

Once all the requested documentation has been received, everything should be ready in 10 working days.

In addition to the discount rate, is there another cost?

No, we only charge the discount based on the duration of the credit operation.

Is there a minimum and maximum period for factoring operations?

Yes, operations may take 20 to 120 days.

How long do I get financing?

Once the quota is assigned, we process the operations and deliver the funds in a maximum of 48 hours.

If the discount rate is flat for 30 days, what happens when an operation lasts longer?

An operation can last more than 30 days and the discount is calculated based on the exact days of the operation.

What documents can be negotiated?

They can be invoices, promissory notes or bills of exchange.


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